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A man walking along the beach reports seeing a red distress signal flare high in the sky out over the ocean, apparently from a fishing boat. No other information is available, but the Coast Guard must respond.


Dolph, a Coast Guard HH-65 “Dolphin” rescue helicopter and his pilot, Gwen, quickly get airborne and turn directly toward where the flare was sighted. Gwen skillfully maneuvers Dolph to maximum speed. Time is of the essence!


The flight is going smoothly, but then, suddenly a loud BANG is heard and felt by the entire crew. They quickly discover that something has hit and damaged Dolph’s rotor blades. Gwen makes a decision to perform an emergency landing, right now! But where?


Dolph, Gwen, the rescue swimmer (Sam), and the flight mech (Mike) must work together to handle this unexpected predicament. They need to act quickly in order to get everyone safely on the ground before something breaks even worse.


The author, Darcy Guyant, is a retired Coast Guard helicopter pilot. This story is based on a real-life rescue mission that took a serious unexpected turn.


Remaining calm in stressful situations, adapting to unexpected circumstances, and working together as a team are the essential lessons of this story.

Four Lives Saved (Paperback)

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