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I'd Love to Visit...
your school, library, club, church, or other event!

An Opportunity to Connect and Inspire

Author visits are an incredible opportunity to connect readers with the person whose name is on the book's cover, and see that the author is a real person! A visit can also cultivate a love for reading by bringing literature to life and engaging students with the writing process. Books don't just magically appear out of thin air! 


Interactions with Authors can inspire young minds, encouraging them to express their own ideas and foster essential literacy skills. Overall, author visits contribute to the educational and emotional development of students, creating a memorable connection to the world of literature.

What To Expect

Book Reading

I will read of one of my books to your group, while also providing personal background and insight to the story. 

Discussion & Activity

Lead discussion and follow up activities relating to the book's theme, my personal insight, and the publishing process.

Questions & Answers

I opportunities for students to ask questions. Common questions are, "How are books made?" and "Why did you make this book?" 


Presentation Format

  • A 30-45 minute highly interactive program specifically tailored to the age and interests of the audience.
  • I will typically read one of children’s book followed by entertaining & engaging discussions connected to the story.
  • Discussion topics for K-3rd grade are typically focused themes of courage, team work, and trust. Attention grabbing props are used.
  • Discussion topics for higher grades can focus on writing process, story elements, structure and flow, as well a publishing options.
  • Presentations conclude with a Q & A time.
Author Visit Fees
  • Generally I charge $75 per 30-45 presentation. 
    • 3 signed hardcover copies of my books are included.
  • Additional presentations are $75 each and include 3 hardcover copies.
  • An entire day (up to 6 presentations) would be $450 and include 18 hardcover copies.
  • I will also provide a flier for your school to send home with information on ordering their own books. 
  • Traveling fees may apply for visits greater than 60 minutes drive from my home.

Book Orders & Signed Copies

Oftentimes, parents, teachers, librarians, and others would like to purchase signed copies of authors' books before, during, or after the visit to their child's school.


To more easily facilitate the purchase of books, a custom "Event" can be created for each school or hosting organization. 


On the online order form books (tickets) can be purchased online via the author's website. All books purchased via the online event form will be brought to the school on the day of the author's visit. Alternate plans for the delivery of purchased books can be arranged. Purchased books will be given to the child for them to take home at the end of the school day. 


Book purchases will be paid online. The school or hosting organization will NOT need to handle sales transactions.


The first name of the child and the child's teacher's name shall be provided when completing the order form to ensure the delivery of the purchased books to the correct classroom (or point of contact) and child.


Special pricing of the books for the event generally include a 10% discount from retail prices, with sales taxes and credit card fees included in the price of the book. 


  • Please Note: "Tickets" are actually "Books". The App being used as an order form does not allow the name "Ticket" to be change to "Book".  Therefor, think of your "Books" as "Tickets" to adventure. 

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