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Trapped! Two families are trapped by an approaching wild fire and need helping escaping the blaze, fast!

Dolph, a Coast Guard HH-65 “Dolphin” rescue helicopter and his pilot, Gwen, quickly respond to the urgent call of eight people needing rescue from an approaching fire. This mission is an unprecedented challenge for Dolph and Gwen, accustomed to water rescues. This mission will require unwavering courage, skilled teamwork, and trust.

Two families, four adults and four children, are enjoying a stay at a remote 100-year-old Lightkeepers House, located at the end of a long narrow peninsula. Not far from their lodging, a strong wind has whipped a smoldering campfire into a grass-fire sending up a column of smoke. The smell of smoke is the first clue that something is amiss. An investigation of the source of the smoke revels a line of flames stretching the width of the peninsula moving toward them. High tides make escaping the fire along the beach impossible. They’re trapped!

Dolph, Gwen, the Rescue Swimmer (Sam) and the Flight Mech (Mike) must work together to accomplish the unusual mission. Their courage and superb skills are rewarded in the end with a surprising discovery.

The author, Darcy Guyant, is a retired Coast Guard HH-65 helicopter pilot. This story is based on an actual rescue mission flown my him.

Escaping The Blaze (paperback)

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