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Dolph and Gwen Launch On Their 2nd Rescue Adventure

Updated: Mar 24

"Escaping The Blaze" is an exciting rescue adventure requiring courage, team work, and trust. It concludes with a surprising twist that is sure to delight children and adults alike. And, just like “Into The Storm”, this story is the retelling of a real-life rescue mission performed by me and my crew, resulting in 8 people being saved.

But where there only 8 lives saved? The story has a surprise ending, with 4 additional lives saved that Dolph and Gwen were not even aware. Look carefully! Can you spot all 4 stowaways who also escaped the blaze? The ending to this exciting rescue is sure to delight and elicit an “Aww” from kids of all ages.

Ebook and Hardcover copies are also available. Amazon’s order page says Hardcovers are on “Preorder”. They are behind in printing hardcovers, but they should be shipped February 7th.

Free Activity Book!

A FREE pdf copy of “Fun Learning Activities With Dolph and Gwen” will be emailed to anyone who purchases a copy of “Escaping The Blaze” between 13-15 January 2024. Just sent me an email at, or leave a comment below, and I will email you the PDF for you to print pages as needed for use at home or in your classroom. A printed 8.5” x 11”, 80 page paperback, is also available on Amazon.

1st Review!

The 1st review for “Escaping The Blaze” came from my Granddaughter. I presented her the first printed copy on her 4th Birthday. She thumbed through the pages examining the illustrations and declared, “It’s a good book!”. A little while later I read the entire story to her for the first time. At the end of the story she asked, “When are you writing the next one!” Even if nobody else reads them, I’ll keeping writing just for her. She is my most important and most encouraging fan.

Book 3 in the Adventures of Dolph and Gwen coming Summer 2024!

Thank you for your wonderful support and encouragement!

My warmest regards to you and your family,



Here are some suggestions for other’s who might like a copy of this book.

  • Local public libraries

  • Lending Library in your neighborhood

  • Your child's school library

  • After-school programs

  • Daycare centers

  • Community centers

  • Friends & neighbors with young children

  • Birthday party gift bags

  • Foster care organizations

  • Book clubs for kids

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