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I am Darcy, an author, retired U.S. Coast Guard helicopter pilot, school volunteer, and Grandpa, just to name a few.

I'd love to visit your school, club, library, etc. for a book reading or other presentations. Invite me!
Darcy Guyant, flight jacket, Coast Guard, Helicopter pilot

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Books By Darcy Guyant

The Coast Guard Adventures of Dolph and Gwen Series

MCA Cover Into The Storm.png
MCA Cover Escaping The Blaze.png

Books purchased from My Store have the sales tax rolled into the price. Each book is also autographed by the Author. 

My books can also be purchased from Amazon (paperback or ebook)

or Ingram (hardcover)

(if you are a Amazon Prime member, this may be a more cost effective option)

More Books By Darcy Guyant

Activity Book for Kids
Activity Book with puzzles, coloring pages, mazes, letter writing practice, find the difference. Based on the Dolph and Gwen.
A Memoir
Darcy Guyant.jpg To Seek and To Save is a memoir by Author, Darcy Guyant sharing details of his miliary experience.

Who are Dolph, Gwen and Mr. Darcy?

Intro to Into The Storm
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Children in Classroom
Request a Classroom or School Visit

I love sharing my stories and discussing their lessons with kids! Courage, Teams Work, and Trust, are major themes of my stories, which lead fun and active discussions. I also use several different "props", like a model helicopter and my flight helmet, to keep the kids attentive and engaged. 

Contact me to schedule a visit. 

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